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WA Aluminium Trailers - Stronger and lighter than steel.


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Joe Crossley Engineering Pty Ltd is a practical and progressive company based in Maddington Perth Western Australia. We have positioned ourselves to offer "trade excellence" in steel fabrication, heavy vehicle body building, new general weld work, welding repairs, modifications & improvements across the board, to Certified & high quality Australian standards.

Services Include
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Why are we different?
We deliver what we promise. Personalised service, practical no-nonsense advice on what will and will not work for you. Quality of work and finish from our employed and supervised trade qualified staff. On time delivery at competitive cost.

New Build
Our experience includes the manufacture of Heavy Duty Road Transport Trailers from flat tops, to skels and Tippers to Dog Trailers & Dolly's. General Fabrication includes building specialist containers to safety walk ways, mining tanks & separators or specialist tanks. Truck trays & new vehicle modifications are all part of our service.

We can assist with competent providers in CAD and drafting to get your project ideas off the ground and ready to cost, prior to build or manufacture.

We are both competent and practically capable of advising and completing legal modifications to your road transport vehicles & trailers. Our experience is proven. You may need a unit shortened or lengthened or you may need to re-conform your rolling stock to new freighting requirements.

A constant on going requirement to trucks and trailers as kilometres and users are to the expensive equipment you own. Our service here includes fuel, oil and water tank repairs in addition to re-welding body or chassis, even tool boxes.

Maintenance Service
Additionally we offer comprehensive  air and electric brakes & suspension service and repairs. NO we are not HD mechanics, YES we can offer full on-going  trailer servicing that is price competitive and time effective.




Vehicle Body Building, Welding, Steel Fabrication in Perth

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